A Summer Focused on Philanthropy

Our seventh and eighth grade students were very busy since last June. As part of their summer work and in preparation for their Global Issues theme study, they designed business plans and set financial goals for their own individual fundraisers for Heifer International.

summer focused on philanthropy
7th graders Kaie and Julianna’s yard sale.

The array of fundraising ideas, actions and outcomes was impressive and very creative. The 7th and 8th graders raised over $10,000, far exceeding their group goal of $5,000, to purchase an Ark – a pair of every domestic farm animal Heifer offers (e.g. musk oxen, sheep, cows, bees, ducks, chicks, etc.). This was a phenomenally successful philanthropic experience for each student. Knowing that their gift can jump-start an economy in a small village somewhere in the under-developed rural world, and with Heifer’s “Passing on the Gift” commitment, knowing that their gifts will be multiplied manifold is a lesson beyond price. That’s doing a lot of good in the world – to help combat poverty, hunger and hopelessness!

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