Community Spotlight with Andrea Blumenthal

Andrea BlumenthalWe are excited to begin highlighting members of the Montclair Co-op community. Our first Community Spotlight is with ANDREA BLUMENTHAL, who serves on the Board of Trustees as our Vice-chair of Membership and who is parent of Co-op students Dylan in 6th grade and Max in 3rd grade.

First, the basics – where you are from, then and now?
“I was born in Germany, then moved to Atlanta GA at age 11, to Berkeley CA after high school. I spent some time in Brazil before moving to NYC and now we make our home in Montclair, NJ.”

How long have you been part of and what are your connections with the Co-op community?
“This is our eighth year at the Co-op (wow!!). We moved to Montclair in 2009 right before our son Owen was born. I had found out about the Co-op from Sarah Berland, who (like me) was pregnant, at a family therapy conference in New Orleans in June of that year and whose baby was coincidentally born on the same day and was named Owen as well.”

What is your favorite Co-op tradition?
“Singing at assemblies and reading buddies.”

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us and maybe even your kids:
“I hold a deep love for the Appalachian Trail!!” (Camp Fairview joke)

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing our kids?
“How to preserve the innocence of childhood in an increasingly fast-paced and hectic world. This might be more of a challenge for us as parents, but I think it trickles down to our kids.”

Soup or pasta?

Coffee or tea?
“COFFEE always!”

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