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MCS Enrollment Forms 2017-2018

To our Co-op families enrolled for 2017-2018, we are looking forward to having your child(ren) join us at Montclair Cooperative School this September!

Below you will find the enrollment forms that must be completed and returned to the school office by Friday, September 1st, 2017. Due to some adaptation issues, we are postponing the rollout of our online enrollment system until February 2018. Each package below has important information about the school year as well as specific instructions for completion. You are welcome to submit these forms via email to pritam@montclaircoop.org, by hard copy drop-off or mail or by fax at 973-783-1316.

Returning families may be familiar with receiving these forms in the past as part of the Summer Mailing; however, we are issuing them now to provide families more time to complete these forms. Parents can still expect a Summer Mailing that will include welcome messages, a 2017-2018 complete school calendar and start-of-school instructions.

If you have any questions or require assistance with any of the forms in this mailing, please contact Prita Moti in the school office at 973-783-4955 or at pritam@montclaircoop.org. Specific health form questions can be directed to Nurse Rita Olcay at nurse@montclaircoop.org.

School Forms Package

The school forms package applies to all families and must be printed (single sided), completed, and returned to the Co-op by Friday, September 1st:

  • Emergency Card (required)
  • Agreement to Transport by Private Vehicle (optional)
  • Before and After School Program – Description
  • Before and After School Program – Application Form (optional)
  • Acceptable Use Policy – Description
  • Acceptable Use Policy – Agreement Form (required)
  • Day Field Trip Permission Form (required)

School Forms Package Download

Health Forms Package

The health forms package applies to all families. Please review the checklist at the front of the package and print the applicable forms (single sided), complete, and return to the Co-op on by Friday, September 1st.

Health Forms Package Download

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