Winners of Co-op Father’s Day Chess Tournament

On Sunday, June 18, the Co-op hosted its Father’s Day Open Chess tournament, co-directed by Mike Somers and Steve Moctezuma.  The event was open to first through eighth-grade students from any school.

Overall top place winners received trophies, and winners within each grade level received ribbons.

Overall top place trophy winners in the first through third-grade group were Francis McGrath, first place; Carter Convey, second place; Henry Dodd, third place; and Cash Loncar, fourth place.

Overall top place trophy winners in the fourth through eighth-grade group were Luka Loncar, first place; Caoba Nichim-Luta, second place; Dash Day-McLeod, third place; and Enzo Whetton, fourth place.

In the first-grade group, ribbon winners were Francis McGrath, first place; Carter Convey, second place; Henry Day-McLeod, third place; and Oliver Pzena, 4th place.

Second-grade group ribbon winners were Henry Dodd, first place; Cash Loncar, second place;  Alex Pellegrino, third place; and Charlie Fisher, fourth place.

In the third-grade group, ribbon winners were Adrian Bergstrom-Shaw, first place, and Aayush Shah, second place.

Fourth-grade ribbon winners were Caoba Nichim-Luta, first place; Dash Day-McLeod, second place; Sam Chikvashilli, third place; and Walt Counsell, fourth place.

There were no fifth grade award recipients.

Sixth-grade ribbon winners were Luka Loncar, first place; Dylan Pearson, second place; Elliot Albright, third place; and Mario James DeBord, fourth place.

In the seventh-grade group, ribbon winners were Enzo Whetton, first place, and Jackson Donzella, second place.

Eighth-grade ribbon winners were Phillip Zhou, first place, and Oscar Counsell, second place.

Click here for information about the Montclair Co-op’s 10th annual, 2017 Summer Chess Camp (June 26-Aug. 4) or email


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