Head of School Namita Tolia on progressive education and life at the Coop.

Head’s Blog – Hum of Happy Learning Replaced by Meaningful #dayofsilence

One of our hallmarks as a school is our sound:  the constant hum of conversation/giggling/chatting generated by happy students learning. Today at the Coop, we also had silence, led by our upper school’s Queer Student Alliance to help us support GLSEN’s nation-wide and student-led Day of Silence.   Since they couldn’t talk to me today of course, QSA members told me during their planning a couple of weeks ago what they understood and why they wanted Coop students to be part of the Day of Silence.  They have been learning that members of the LGBTQ community feel silenced by simply [...]

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Head’s Blog – Developing Resilience and Responsibility

A teacher gets frustrated because she gives Child A a direction one, two, three, four and more times and Child A seems to ignore it. Child B has a meltdown and sobs uncontrollably because s/he was tagged during a recess game, refused to go “out,” and then heard several kids yell, “Hey! You are out! Go out!” The classmates report it to the teacher and now the tagged child feels even worse. These kinds of behavior moments are everyday occurrences in schools. And… (I’ll give you the educator’s inside scoop: both Child A and Child B completely understand cognitively that [...]

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