Congratulations to our 8th grade students who on December 6th conducted a successful near space launch and retrieval of their interdisciplinary math and science experiment using Sent into Space materials.  “This project was a true example of Co-op progressive and collaborative student-led learning,” said 8th grade math teacher Meredith Kates.  “Students self selected into small group teams to envision and carry out all aspects of prepping the experiment, materials, launch and retrieval with support from teachers and parents.”

The payload contained:

  • radish seeds that will be planted adjacent to their terrestrial cousins to see how exposure to the upper atmosphere affects plant growth;
  • an undeveloped 35mm camera film;
  • a Co-op postcard and a spider plant;
  • and equipment to record the flight.

“The elements of discovery and responding in the moment to ongoing unknown factors were embraced by our students in true Co-op adventurous spirit,” added Kates.