Andrea Rankin

"It takes a village to raise a child."
African Proverb
Andrea Rankin
4th Grade Associate Teacher

As the Assistant Teacher in the fourth grade, my goals are to develop an understanding of each child’s learning style, to support adapting the educational goals of the classroom, and to foster positive interactions within the class.

I began my journey at the Montclair Cooperative School in 2003 as a student (from 4th to 8th grades), so it is a joy to return to the Co-op as a teacher to help impart our values to a new generation. After the Co-op, I attended an all-girls’ high school before earning a Bachelor of Arts in English & Politics from Mount Holyoke College.

When I’m not in the classroom, I am always on the hunt for a new adventure. Whether that’s traveling to a new country like: India, South Africa, or the United Kingdom or teaching new tricks to my ten-month old Black Lab, Georgia, who was fostered by a Co-op family.