Munira Bootwala

"I admire the mind’s capacity to derive a pertinent order from the chaos of experience. This dramatic struggle starts at birth, and the art of children is an essential instrument of this need to recognize and create meaningful order."
Rudolf Arnheim, “A Look at a Century of Growth”
Munira Bootwala
Art Lower School

Growing up in India, my best memories involve sitting on the ground around low art tables in the sunny art room of my grade school and painting from huge pots of gooey acrylic paint!

I am very fortunate that I have the opportunity to combine my passion for art with my love for teaching. It is a gift to see young artists express their authentic selves and make sense of their world visually as they explore the potential of different art materials. I take a holistic approach to art education and provide my young students with a rich mix of creative, kinesthetic, aesthetic and social experiences.

I did my undergraduate degree in Fine Arts and Art History from Stella Maris College, Chennai, India. I taught adults at The Institute of Painting and Drawing in Chennai, India and conducted art workshops for homeless children in India. I received my master’s degree in art education with an emphasis on critical pedagogy and social activism at New York University. I next taught art at the Harlem Children’s Zone and was one of the founding teachers at the Roseville Community Charter School in Newark. I left my teaching job in Newark when my daughter joined the Coop in her Kindergarten year because I wanted to fully participate in the Coop experience. I was thrilled when the opportunity came about to teach at the Coop and witness its philosophy behind the scenes!

Along with being a mother and a teacher, I am a practicing artist and an aspiring gardener!