A Co-op education is possible only when the entire Co-op community is involved.  Our school relies on parents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty, staff, grandparents, and friends to provide financial support over and above tuition to cover the additional expenses of this singular education.

There are many ways to support the Co-op:


The Co-op Fund offers you a way to support our unique educational program and bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of a Co-op education. Your tax-deductible donations go directly to our annual operating budget and also help to fund our tuition assistance program. As we launch the campaign each fall, we ask each member of our Co-op community to participate in the Co-op Fund at a meaningful level. With a goal of 100% participation from the Board of Trustees, parents, and employees, the support we get from these “internal” constituents gives foundations and other funding sources an indication of our institutional strength.

There are many convenient ways to give:

Click here to give online using your credit card or PayPal

Do you have a Donor-Advised Fund?  Click here to see if your fund will let you recommend directly from here.

Or send a check, payable to MCS, to Montclair Cooperative School, 65 Chestnut St., Montclair, NJ 07042.



Have you named Montclair Cooperative School, Inc. in your will?  With this simple act you can provide a meaningful gift to the Co-op.  There are other ways to  make a larger gift than you might have thought possible which will also provide financial benefit to you.  Contact the Development Office for more information: development@montclaircoop.org or call (973) 223-8562.
Donor-Advised Funds


If you have a donor-advised fund with any of the following:

  • Fidelity Charitable
  • Schwab Charitable
  • BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund
  • Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

You can recommend a donation to the Co-op right here:

Your fund not on this list?  Contact your fund directly to recommend a gift to Montclair Cooperative School, Inc.


If you shop Smile.Amazon.com by Nov. 2, Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase price to the Co-op.  That’s 10 times their regular contribution!  


To make donations of equipment, furniture, books, instruments (or other items that are in good condition and are relevant to the educational program and mission of the school), please contact the Development Office at 973-783-4955 or at development@montclaircoop.org.  They will try to match your item to a teacher or program in need if we can.