Talking with Our Children about Race
A Conversation with Frances Aboushi

Thursday, June 6, 2019 7:00 pm
We are excited to announce that educator and speaker Frances Aboushi will be joining us at the Co-op on June 6th to lead a conversation on race and children. We’ll hear from Frances and discuss how we as care-givers, and educators can effectively talk about race with our children.  By engaging in this dialogue we will each walk away from the event with a more nuanced understanding of what informs our children’s socialization around race and how to effectively speak to them about the subject. We’re delighted to have Frances at the Co-op.


From Frances:
“Among my many goals as an educator, is to empower students to find their voices, build social-awareness, and help them identify themselves as agents of change in today’s tumultuous and unaccepting society. Discussions on race are a standard dialogue in my classroom, and yes, children see color, but how we navigate their translation of what they see is vital in nurturing mindfulness, confidence, and the acceptance of people’s differences. I look forward to bringing these thought- provoking conversations, and powerful experiences to parents, and all community stakeholders”
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