The Montclair Cooperative School actively seeks to build a student body that is culturally, socially and economically diverse. The goal of our financial aid program is to help close the gap between the total cost of a Co-op education and what a family can afford.

Admissions decisions are made independently of financial award considerations and awards are based solely on financial need. The financial aid program is available to students for Pre-K through 8th Grade. Financial aid awards are determined by the financial aid committee which includes the Head of School, the Director of Admissions and the Business Manager who use the results from a financial analysis conducted by TADS and any supplemental information provided by the applicants. Financial aid is applied to tuition, overnight trips and our after school program. We structure our awards by first serving those students who currently receive awards and meet the deadline to apply, then other enrolled students who have had a change in their financial status, followed by newly accepted students, and, finally, any student who applies after the deadline.

You may apply for financial aid for the 2019-2020 school year through TADS at

Although the Co-op is not always able to meet the financial award needs of every family, we encourage families to apply if circumstances suggest that financial assistance might be needed to enroll. Information on the process is outlined below. If you have any questions or need guidance on unusual circumstances, please contact Business Manager Donna Ellwood by email at or at 973.783.4955 x416.

The Montclair Cooperative School understands the personal and sensitive nature of financial documents and keeps all such information strictly confidential.

pdficon_small Download the financial aid instructions FOR RETURNING FAMILIES here.

pdficon_small Download the financial aid instructions FOR NEW FAMILIES here.