8th Grade

Presenting Montclair Cooperative School’s Class of 2016!

Ada Albright Ruby Brooks Savannah Douglas
Alex Gudaitis Isaiah Hill Theodore Hunkins
Alara Kilic Ryder Klein Ella Parker
Jack Reeder Maelle Rosser

Congratulations and best of luck as they move onto the following schools this fall:

  • Bloomfield High School (1)
  • Glenridge High School (2)
  • Immaculate Heart Academy (1)
  • Montclair High School (2)
  • Morristown Beard School (1)
  • St. Benedict’s Preparatory School (1)
  • St. Peter’s Preparatory School (2)
  • Verona High School (1)

[My fondest memories of the Co-op include] the overall environment and opportunities provided by my teachers and student-peers in which I was both challenged and supported. It is those times and memories of being a part of the Co-op which I still draw upon to this day in my life and work.”
- Jonathan, 1995 Co-op alumnus, Licensed professional counselor

How has the Co-op experience made a difference in your life? Tell us in text, graphics, or video. We’ll put together clips to show on our website.

  • Email your text, or email Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, Apple Pages or Keynote, Adobe PDF, or JPEG formats to alumni@montclaircoop.org.
  • Send large files and videos (under 1 minute, please) in AVI, MPEG 2, MPEG4, or Quicktime formats for free via SizeableSend.com to alumni@montclaircoop.org.