Faculty & Staff

Admin Early Childhood Primary School Upper School Specials
Ana Younghusband
Head of School
Jennifer Visconti
Business Manager
Philip Ferrara
Director of Enrollment Management
Anthony Grant Jr
Director of Technology
Rita Olcay
Cindy Furlong
Curriculum Coordinator
Mary Wade
Front Office Receptionist/Manager
Front Office Receptionist/Manager
Tara Nesta
Early Ages Head Teacher
Denise Kulhan
Early Ages Assistant Teacher
Hilary Fandel
Kindergarten Head Teacher
Maryann Ficker
Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
Wendy North
1st Grade Head Teacher
Jennymarie Idrobo
1st Grade Assistant Teacher
Chris Posluszny
2nd Grade Head Teacher
Lysbeth Karlok
2nd Grade Assistant Teacher
Lindsey Abate
3rd Grade Head Teacher
Amy Villeda
3rd Grade Assistant Teacher
Carmela Damante
4th Grade Head Teacher
Aiyana Hall
4th Grade Assistant Teacher
Trish Foerg-Spittel
5th Grade Head Teacher
Kamille Bansil
5th Grade Assistant Teacher
Meredith Kates
6th Grade Head Teacher
Suzanne Nakamura
7th Grade Head Teacher
Judy Bereczki
8th Grade Head Teacher
Heather McNallie
Upper School Science Teacher
Kim Johnson
Upper School Math Support and Assistant Teacher
Miles LeAndre
Upper School Assistant Teacher
Elaine Duffy
Learning Specialist
Jamie Turer
Learning Specialist
Cristel Arce
Spanish Teacher
Munira Bootwala
Art Lower School
Dawne Weaver
Art Upper School
Touré Weaver
Physical Education
Robert Marrero
Music Teacher (Early Ages - 3rd Grade) & Upper School Assistant Teacher
Robert Marrero
Music Teacher (Early Ages - 3rd Grade) & Upper School Assistant Teacher