Progressive Education

At the Montclair Co-op, your child will experience an environment that encourages academic excellence, independent and diverse thinking, imaginative and innovate ideas, support for one’s passions, and active social responsibility.

Programs at a Glance

At the Co-op, our teachers go far beyond simply sharing information with students. They work diligently and intentionally to plan compelling, meaningful opportunities for authentic learning experiences.

Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood program emphasizes social growth, early literacy and math skills, music, and art, taught through play and integrated themes. Class trips are tied to the thematic curriculum.

Primary Grades

Our Primary School emphasizes continued development of social skills, such as self-confidence, independence, and creative expression. Core subjects like math, language arts, social studies, and science are both integrated into each grade’s thematic curriculum and taught as self-contained studies.

Upper School

In our upper school, students are encouraged to participate in meaningful service, activism, and community mentoring. This work complements their on-going explorations in math, science, literature, and historical and current world events.

Academic Curriculum

Our goal is to educate children for a life of self-direction, intellectual curiosity, and a healthy interdependence. Our mission is to develop the academic abilities and encourage the emerging social responsibilities of each child.