Thank you so much for your interest in Montclair Cooperative School! We are glad that your search for the best educational experience for your child has led you to explore what the Co-op has to offer.

For 60 years, Montclair Cooperative School has been a leader in progressive education. From our early beginnings as the first integrated, non-denominational preschool in Montclair, NJ, the Co-op has continued to be a place that nurtures the whole child.

Please check out our admissions video tour to learn more about the engaging academic curriculum, developed and honed by our master teachers. You will see why a Co-op kid welcomes each school day and stays excited about learning long after graduation. From preschool through eighth grade, our students are encouraged to inquire about the world around them and realize their full potential through the interdisciplinary approach to learning. Our graduates have an excellent record of acceptance at secondary schools and go on to become leaders and activists.

We also invite you for an in person tour where you will discover more about parent involvement in our cooperative structure and learn how meaningful being a part of your child’s education can be. Whether you can give hours of time each month or just a little here and there, the Co-op has a way to fit with your family. Just like our classes, our community of families is diverse, engaged and welcoming.

Searching for the right school for your child takes time and great care. I hope that this website will get you started with the information that you need.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch. I always welcome your calls or emails if you have any questions.

Warm regards,

Ana Younghusband
Head of School