What is a Co-op

Parents and Teachers Working Together

Founded in 1963, The Montclair Cooperative School is one of a handful of cooperative elementary and middle schools nationwide. At the Co-op teachers, parents, and administrators work together to create a rich and rewarding educational environment. At the heart of the Co-op’s success is the sense of community which permeates all aspects of Co-op life.

The partnership between parents, children and teachers is one of the cornerstones of the Co-op’s philosophy.  Parents are considered essential members of the Co-op learning community. From assisting in your child’s classroom to lending time and talent to help the school achieve its goals, being a Co-op parent is an experience you will cherish – and one that’s unlike any other.

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Parental involvement is at the heart of the Co-op’s success. Please contact us  at admissions@montclaircoop.org to learn more about the Co-op or to schedule a tour.