Co-op Alumni

When you join the Co-op family, you’re a member for life!

With more than a half century in operation, the Co‑op has a rich history that spans many generations of Co-op graduates. You, the Co‑op alumni, whether student or parent, can play a pivotal role in the educational lives of our current students.


There are many ways to stay connected to the Co-op.  We’d love to help you to  stay in touch and maintain those connections.  Our doors are always open!  If you find yourself in the neighborhood of 65 Chestnut Street on a Friday afternoon please join us for our traditional Co-op Assembly.  Chances are good that you’ll recognize many of the songs we’ll be singing.  Bring your best singing voice and join in the fun.

We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us by submitting the form below or by emailing us at


Please join our Montclair Co-op Alumni Association group on Facebook.  It’s a great way to connect with other Co-op alums near and far.  You’ll also find posts on upcoming events and news of interest to our former students.  You can also follow us on our school Facebook and Instagram accounts.  In fact, following the Co-op on social media is a great way to support our school since it increases our visibility in the wider community.  Follow, share and help spread the word!


Have you recently been accepted into college? Received your university degree? Started a new job? Embarked on a new volunteer experience?  Accomplished something you’re proud of? We want to hear from you, no matter how many years or even decades have passed since you last attended the Co-op. Please send your photos, announcements, and/or links to news items to We’d love to read your news and share it with the rest of the Co-op family!