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Reopening Update

Reopening Update
Since the school closure in March, we have been working closely with our COVID19
response team, the medical, facilities, and mental health subcommittees and our faculty and
staff to put together a comprehensive plan for reopening the school in September.

Planning to reopen school is a challenging task as the pandemic continues to evolve. This
has required us to create plans and schedules that are adaptable to different possible
scenarios: in-person learning, distance learning, or a combination of the two. There must be
built in flexibility that will allow us to open our school and remain open throughout the
duration of this pandemic.

We plan to open school on September 10th and provide in person instruction and the option
for distance learning for those students who are unable to be present in the classrooms. We
will be holding classes outdoors as much as possible for all grades. Live streaming will not
be possible outdoors so children who are at home will be able to access asynchronous
learning at those times.

This plan is based upon the CDC and New Jersey Department of Health guidelines which
have been researched, reviewed and recommended by our medical committee team of
professional health experts. They are subject to change as those guidelines and public
health conditions change.

Over the next few weeks we will provide an opportunity for our families to provide feedback
and to ask questions and we may modify, change or add to our plans if appropriate.

We are all committed to providing our students with the best possible educational
environment, while keeping their safety and well being as our primary objective.