Chris Posluszny

Chris Posluszny
2nd Grade Head Teacher

I did my undergraduate work at the “Co-op” of colleges, Goddard College in Vermont. With no grades, but tons of work reading, writing, doing, conferring often with professors, I worked on music, photography, math, philosophy, psychology, literature, science in nature and elementary education, and the connections between all those disciplines. The experience gave me an exciting model for progressive education, in which people learn joyfully, and construct deep knowledge beginning with their own experience. I learned joyfully there.

When it came time to find a school for my two children, I searched for a place where they could have that same opportunity. I found the Co-op, and both children graduated with a strong belief in themselves, a great love of deep, interconnected learning, and an ability to form relationships and communicate honestly with a wide range of people.

I found a home here, as well, and have worked to bring that same joy in learning to children. I began at the Co-op teaching 2 year-olds, moved into working with 4 and 5 year-olds, received my Master’s degree from Bank Street College of Education in New York City, the “Co-op” of grad schools, and now spend my time happily teaching second grade.

I believe in the excitement of building relationships with children and families, and in connecting threads of ideas in all disciplines: music, literature, nature, art, math. I take children often to a local forest to explore and write poetry, to the opera to experience Mozart’s Magic Flute, to Jazz at Lincoln Center to experience live improvisational music, to museums to experience science, and art from different cultures.