Heather McNallie

Heather McNallie
Upper School Science Teacher

I’m excited to be part of our students’ journey of discovery. As a teacher, my true passion lies in sparking ‘a-ha’ moments in students — moments that ignite their curiosity, encourage exploration, and create memorable learning experiences.

I firmly believe that education isn’t just about memorizing facts and acing exams. It’s about creating richer experiences that carry through our daily lives. I’ve always loved those ‘a-ha’ moments – making connections – when learning something new, and I’m excited to share this enthusiasm with our students.

I hold a Biology degree from Ithaca College and a Masters from NYU. I stepped away from science to spend a decade in publishing, but when I became a parent I rediscovered my love for science while helping my daughter explore the natural world.

Driven by my rekindled interest in science and education, I volunteered at school gardens, led science workshops, and obtained additional certifications. Then, I found my home at the Co-op. I am eager to inspire our students to connect science with their everyday lives and hope they’ll return home excited to share their discoveries.

When I’m not in the classroom, I can be found in my other favorite places – outdoors, in the pool, or with a book in hand. I’m always on the lookout for those ‘a-ha’ moments, whether it’s in nature or the pages of a good book. I’m looking forward to hearing about your ‘a-ha’ moments!